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Boosting Sales at a Consumer Goods Company using a Rejuvenated Go-To Market Strategy

The Context

  • The client is a leading soft furnishing consumer goods company
  • The company had developed a new product and wanted to assess the launch process to identify and address gaps in its existing marketing strategies and boost their sales
  • The client enlisted our services to create a comprehensive go-to marketing strategy for the launch of their new product

The Approach

Step 1

  • The first step was conducting extensive research to understand the client’s consumer base and their needs
  • The outcome showcased a clear and defined gap between the consumer’s needs and the client’s product sales
  • The gap existed due to poor communication from the client’s end about their product’s benefits

Step 2

  • The second step was to conduct a deep-dive analysis of the client’s existing channel partners
  • The analysis was conducted using transaction data, field visits and one-on-one interviews
  • This helped segment the client’s dealers based on their performance to make all their performance weaknesses visible

Step 3

  • The third step was to identify the role of the brand 
  • This was done by conducting a comparative analysis of the client with their competitors 
  • This step helped identify the role of the client’s brand and their existing brand positioning in the market to help realise higher sales value

The Outcome

  • The client observed a 20%+ increase in sales in their core market within 6 months of implementing the new go-to marketing strategy
  • The client was able to identify and reward all the high performing dealers through our analysis and reward them for their efforts, thereby improving upon their business relationship and increasing their loyalty and morale
  • There was a complete realignment of the client’s product portfolio, brand positioning and offerings
  • There was a boost in the value perception of the client’s products
  • There was an increase in the contribution of the higher margin products