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About us

About SG consulting

We’re a new age marketing consulting firm that helps businesses from across verticals build refined, future-proof and data-driven marketing strategies to enable their growth. We make you create lasting transformative changes to your company.

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About us

Solving real-time problems with data driven and strategic solutions.

At SG Consulting, we believe that all organizations can reach their true potential and meet their business goals by taking a more data-oriented approach. We take the current market climate, consumer data and your existing practices to create distinctive and adaptive strategies that help you overcome all obstacles and succeed.

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Our smart strategies are curated specifically to overcome all the challenges that come with working with traditional consulting firms. Our dedicated team of professionals help our clients deal with the toughest strategic issues that include both formulations of the strategies and their execution based on your business needs.

About us

Our Story /Genesis of Idea

Multiple gaps come with the traditional approach to consulting, which we help our clients overcome. We believe that the development and execution of strategies go hand in hand, and they should complement each other to create lasting change in the organization. Our talent is diversified to handle the different problems that come with managing different challenges that our clients face daily that could hinder their growth. Our strategies are curated to help companies accelerate their growth, increase their profits, help them enter new markets, and handle digital disruption. We work alongside our clients to understand their needs to the best of our ability and develop the best-personalized solution to help them achieve their business goals.

Our Services WHAT WE DO

How WE help

We do this with a four-step approach.

We give you a whole new perspective.

We work with C-level executives to provide them with strategic expertise where they need it the most. We provide future-ready solutions that are market tested and can be used to make long-lasting positive changes to your organization. Our strategies are focused and based on the goals you want to achieve for your company - it could be increasing profits, entering new markets, handling disruption, or accelerating your growth.

We look at the bigger picture.

The only way you can achieve long-term growth is by focusing on the bigger picture, and we do that for you. We go beyond the daily problems and take a wide-angle approach to your concerns to better understand the root of your issues and develop strategies that will help you solve them.

We go to the grassroots level

We delve deep into the root cause of your strategic issues as an organization by gaining all possible insight into the situation. We enter the grassroots level and deal with your customers directly if that is what you need to understand the main problems and develop the right strategic solutions.

We dive deeper

We use machine learning, data analytics, and business intelligence tools to get to the root cause of your issues so that you can gain the most accurate and meaningful insights for developing future strategies for your organization. We want to understand the reasons behind our clients' problems because we believe that is the best approach to solving the issue. After we get the reason behind why the issue occurs in the first place, we use our advanced analytical tools to uncover insights to create the perfect solution.

About us

About The Founder

The founder and CEO of SG Consulting, Sathyan, has over 30 years of experience in senior management, brand consulting and integrated marketing. His aim is to revolutionize management consulting with future-oriented and smart strategies. He has worked with various organizations across multiple industries, coached numerous startups and helped businesses grow in the Middle East. He decided to use his vast expertise and knowledge and help companies achieve their business goals with the best possible solutions.

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