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Setting a Dairy Player on the Path to a Digital Future

The Context

  • The client is a leading dairy company in Saudi Arabia responsible for building strong inroads for both traditional and modern trade in the country
  • The reason behind the company’s growth was product innovation, physical network and strong channel relationships
  • The client had not adapted to the changing consumer trends and was not equipped to handle the change caused by emerging technologies and new and innovative competitors
  • The client also lacked the tools to optimise the company’s digital opportunities for ensuring the company’s stability in the future

The Approach

Step 1

  • The first step was to build awareness and showcase the power of digital media tools to the client and how it can improve their business performance
  • This step was completed by highlighting the five main drivers of digital marketing:
    a) The large and increasing number of internet users
    b) The dominance of mobile users
    c) Digital influence on sales
    d) Availability of products and services online
    e) Millennials taking control of the evolving consumer base

Step 2

  • The second step was to conduct a thorough analysis to identify all the digital opportunities and threats for the business

Step 3

  • The third step was to use the results of the Digital Opportunities and Threats analysis to identify potential digital initiatives for the client
  • These initiatives were then prioritised based on their impact and requirement of resources

The Outcome

  • We worked with the leadership team of the company and conducted workshops to explain the insights we found using our analysis
  • The client understood the objective of the digital venture and agreed on a clear vision for changing their business’ direction
  • The client got a full understanding of the comprehensive Digital Opportunities and Threats analysis to build their digital strategy
  • The client was able to prioritise the most important elements of their digital capabilities that they had to develop to branch into the digital marketing sphere