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10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business

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10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business 10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business 10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business

10 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Business

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Technology has the power to greatly increase your organisation’s success when used correctly. In a lot of cases, you can use technology to improve upon the processes you already have in place at your company. However, in other cases, companies may call for adjustments to their technologies in place so that they can reap the maximum amount of benefits of implementing new and improved business technology.

Are you wondering how you can make strategic use of technology within your business?

These ideas of how you can use technology to optimise your business will help you achieve more with less. 

They have been simplified to help you get started, quickly and painlessly, so even those who are technologically challenged can cope. 

1. Manage Projects More Easily, Effectively, and Efficiently 

Project teams, business owners and industry leaders all use technology to keep track of their projects as they progress at their organisation. There are many web-based project management tools such as Basecamp, Manymoon, and Podio that allow users to collaborate with their team members and share documents efficiently.

There are also other applications like Roambi that can read your business data, analyse it and convert it into reports using graphs on your iPad. There is also an in-built application on Apple devices called Keynote, which can be used akin to Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations.

It makes it easy to directly make presentations from your device. You can simply use a projector to present it to a crowd.

In case you are in the remodelling, repair or construction industry or related fields, you can use these tools to display your progress, your past work, and gather proof of the value your services or products provide to your clients and consumers. It will help convert your leads from mere prospects to serious buyers.

2. Make Use of Productivity Apps

A blue collar worker is known by the tools they use, and so is a businessperson. 

These tools can be in the form of technologically-enabled productivity applications. They can be used to increase personal and business productivity as a cost-effective option. They can be installed in your system or on any mobile device, which means they also provide ease of access. Some of the applications include:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Podio
  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • And many others!

A lot of these applications are completely free for use or provide limited services free of cost. They can be synced to other platforms so that you can always focus on completing your tasks more efficiently without putting in much added effort.

3. Benefit from Web-Based Payments

Web-based payment portals help businesses by simplifying the entire payment process. They offer a flexible mode of payment for consumers so they can order products easily, thereby increasing sales and increasing the consumer base as well. The more web-based payment platforms are available at your company, the more diverse your audience will be because customers will have the choice of using the portal they are most comfortable using.

4. Make Use of Backup Software

Cyberattacks are negatively affecting businesses around the world. Hackers use malicious software, phishing tactics, and other cyberattack tools to attack businesses of all sizes, leading to loss of consumer and personal data, private information and even financial losses. A large number of businesses have already become victims of a data breach, and they end up suffering losses in terms of their company’s reputation and loss of consumer trust. 

Businesses need to invest in cybersecurity measures, install a strong firewall at their organisation, and utilise various enterprise backup software as recovery and business continuity tools. These tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to flag suspicious files and software.

5. Measure User Engagement 

User engagement is a great metric to understand how effective a company’s marketing and sales strategies are performing. Businesses of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized businesses can use tools like Google Analytics to measure user engagement and track consumer loyalty. The tool gives users insights on how engaged and active your users are. Companies can use this insight to come up with strategies to improve their conversion rate. 

You can also use it to help with targeting a specific audience from your competitors’ fan base. Your competitor’s customers can become your customers and accelerate your business growth.

6. Use Twitter and Social Media Channels to Gain New Customers

Twitter is undeniably one of the most powerful tools for promoting your products and services if used rightly. You can use it (and other available social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram) to promote your products and services, reach out to newer audiences, and market your offerings to the world. It can help you improve your sales and grow your business.

7. Better Marketing Campaigns

Traditional advertising is becoming overshadowed by digital marketing as they have started to yield much better results for businesses than the older methods. Online marketing gives companies the ability to create specific, target-oriented marketing campaigns so they can reach their audience easily, increase their conversion rate and optimise their spending.

8. Improved Customer Service

Excellent customer service is key to the success of any business. As a business owner, you should focus on improving the experience of your consumers rather than just focusing on selling your product or service. Optimise your online store or website and make it consumer-friendly. 

Use technology to set up an online chatbot that will offer instant assistance to your users. It will help resolve grievances at a much faster rate, solve doubts and answer questions immediately, and improve the overall experience your consumer has when they interact with your brand. You can also use technology to regularly ask your consumers for their valuable feedback so that you can focus on improving their experience regularly.

9. Use Video Content to Engage More

Your target audience is constantly interacting with video content online, absorbing content every time they unlock their mobile devices. You can use this opportunity to create a lasting impression on your audience and consumers. Create interactive and engaging video content to communicate with your potential customers. It will also help increase your brand’s awareness and over time, lead to higher conversions and increased sales.

10. Make Use of Virtual Assistants 

Hiring a virtual assistant can give your business smart tech solutions with a human touch. Virtual assistants are readily available on freelance sites, and they provide small businesses an affordable option. They take on multiple tedious and repetitive tasks so that you can save your time and resources and focus on growing your organisation instead.

Using the right technology is one of the most efficient ways of evolving your business. You can use the above-mentioned tools and technological solutions to give your business the chance to attain unmatched growth.